Friday, June 3, 2016

Kentucky and Michigan

Louisville and Livonia = Family

It may seem like a strange combination of states for one stop, but it was actually a combination of two stops to visit family. On May 15, 2016 we arrived at Nancy's niece's house in Louisville, KY. Sherrie, Eric and Lilly opened their home to us while the RV was back in the shop.

Bright and early Monday morning we took the RV into Goin's Automotive Repair, in Mt. Washington. The odometer and speedometer were still not working, the ABS brake light was still on, as well as the Check Engine Light. Goin's came highly recommended so we were hopeful that this time it would all be fixed. They weren't able to get it done before we left for Michigan so they kept it while we were gone. 
Before we left for Michigan on May 18, 2016, Nancy and Sherrie got a number of games of Upwords played and we were able to enjoy dinner at Open Table, a community service that their church, Fern Creek Methodist provides, and that Eric is very involved with.

On the way to Michigan we made a detour to Alexandria, KY to see the new house that Nancy's niece Lillian bought. We couldn't get in but we were able to see the outside, what a cute house and a fabulous yard. So very happy for her. 
As usual I-75 was one long construction zone, so the trip took a little longer. Arrived just moments before Steve got home from work. We enjoyed dinner at Ascension Brewery in Novi, great beer and delicious food.  
Sits on their front porch

It was a busy week, but we managed to get Steve and Katrina's vegetable garden in, their new house is so cute and their backyard is a wonderful place to relax. So glad to have been able to see their place and help in their yard. 
We were only in town for a week, and didn't really announce that we were there because it is so hard to connect with everyone in that short time and still have ample time with Katrina and Steve. We did manage to get some family in. Steve's parents, Mike and Anne, and his sister Tina came for dinner one night. We hung out around the hookah with Matthew and Marion, Steve's cousins. The Barrett side included dinner with Jenn, Jim and Sophia, Les's niece and family, Barrett was already away at work for the summer. Katrina and Steve were happy to show off their house to Aunt Gail, Nancy's friend since kindergarten. Nancy had lunch with Mary Ellen and coffee with Erika and Julie. Les enjoyed lunch with the "girls" Cindy, Sharon, Esther and Jane, from Teamsters Local 214. 
Worship at the Vineyard of Ann Arbor, allowed us to see a few other friends, including Sarah, who Nancy co-hosted the Artist Way Group with, and Mike and Dawn Berry in from Indiana.
We will be back in Michigan the end of summer for a longer period and plan to see everyone then. 

Louisville - round two. 
We made our way back to Louisville on May 19, 2016, with a stop in Dayton, OH at Guitar City. Les is now the proud owner of a new Martin Backpacker Guitar, or at least new to him as it is a used one but in great shape. A much better size for the RV. 
The three days we had left of our visit were action packed with fun. 
After arriving back from Michigan the RV was ready so we picked her up and parked her in the parking lot of Sherrie's church, only to discover they had broken the dining room table, it was pulled away from the wall, so the next morning it went back to have that fixed. All in all we couldn't be happier with the service. Everything we took it in for was fixed, plus they fixed the speakers for the radio, so the music doesn't cut in and out now. They fixed the table as good as new. While setting up camp at the Littcarr Campground we discovered that we also picked up some mice while there, more on that in the next blog. 

While waiting on the table repair, Les had Mickey Mouse pancakes for breakfast at the Country Dinner.

Interesting marketing at a road
side market
Nancy got pictures of one of her favorite weeds and Mielikki had a Vet appointment at Mt. Washington Animal Clinic, where she found the toy box and pulled out every toy. We thought she might be getting a UTI so wanted her checked out before it got worse. 

Lilly played the part of Margaret in her school play, "Much Ado About Nothing". She did a fantastic job. 

Her and her classmates put on a great show.

L: Before ~~~ R: After - the old push
 mower makes a nice ornament

Saturday we were all ready to go out exploring the town when Sherrie asked our opinion on her backyard, well one thing led to another and before you know it Les and Eric were off to Lowe's and Sherrie and Nancy were tearing up grass for a new patio and deck, made from old pallets and patio stones.
L: Before ~~~ Center and R: After - Eric loves the OSU colors of the patio stones. The
original plan was black for the tiki-torch buckets but we suspect they may end up 

maize and blue for this house divided!

It was a lot of work but the end result was worth every sore muscle.


It turned out better than any of us expected. We enjoyed morning coffee, afternoon drinks, a fire and a couple games of Upwords out there. By the way Sherrie kicked Nancy's butt this trip in Upwords games. 

Back: Sherrie and Nancy Front: Kaila and Lilly
When we arrived back in Louisville, Sherrie, Eric and Lilly had a additional house guest, Kaila, she is Nancy's third cousin. Her mom Taimie and Sherrie were best of friends when growing up, and Lilly and Kaila are continuing the tradition. 

After the day of work we needed a play day, so off to Copper and Kings we went, the local brandy distillery. This place was amazing. It is in old Butchertown, which is making a come back.
The building is very industrial and the gift shop and your waiting room are old shipping containers. They have a Monarch Butterfly Garden, and the color orange is everywhere. They have event space, and while we were there a wedding was being set up. 
The copper stills are made in Louisville, just down the street! 

Their brandy is delicious, and they have some very unique ones made in beer barrels. They also have absinthe, the lavender one was dangerously smooth. 
They blast music in the barrel room to help activate the barrels with the vibration of the bass, their playlist is on the website if you want to listen to it. Super cool stuff. 

We always hate good-byes, and Nancy always cries, but with out the good-byes we wouldn't have been together. This little family break was much needed and much appreciated. 

Now it's time to get back on the road. Sassafras, KY, which it seems no one has ever heard of is the next stop. 

Till we meet again...

Happy Trails to You! 

Things we have learned along the way.
~ In a post from Arizona we shared a laundry list of tips for traveling with a dog. We have one more to add, a recommendation from the Vet in Mt. Washington. When you take your pet to a vet appointment while on the road, ask for a copy of the paperwork from that visit. This way you will have a complete record of treatment, when and if you need to go to another one down the road. 

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