Sunday, June 7, 2015

Michigan - East Side part two

Farmington Hills

Love these two
Taking a week off from RVing and staying with Katrina and Steve. We love spending time with them and one day our puppy will be older and calmer and their dog Heidi will like her better!
One day they will always act like this

Nancy's nephew Mike and his lovely wife Jennifer let us park our rig in their backyard. They are nice and close to Katrina's place so very handy for going back to get things we forgot and to do some repairs to broken light switches and leaking toilets. Also, to give it a deep cleaning before heading out again.

We have so enjoyed going to some of Katrina and Steve's favorite places. We visited the The Cheese Lady in downtown Farmington again, so Les could experience it - seriously if you haven't been there you really must go. We also had a little time to spend with friends. Shared the Farmington Brewery with Amy. Les had dinner with one of the units he represented in Flint and while he was doing that Katrina and Steve treated Nancy to a beer pairing dinner at Karl's Cabin. It was so much fun and the beer and food were delicious. It makes us sad that it is impossible to get to everything and everyone in such a short time frame.

Dancing in the streets

Berry and Fox families

We did get to spend two evenings with the Fox and Berry families. Dinner one night at Mike and Anne's. Plus dinner at The Garage in Northville, followed by ice cream at the Brown Dog Creamery. We had a blast, and as luck has it we were there for the Memorial Day block party. We feel so blessed that Katrina married into such a great family.

The seat backs at The Garage -
for my great nephew Luke

Katrina and Sydel 

Just a little wet
Steve and his new friend
We went hiking at Mayberry Park with both dogs, and Steve's dad joined us. It is such a pretty park and the trails are so quiet with lots of choices as far as length. Steve and Mike were much faster than the rest of us and lucky for them too. Les, Nancy, Katrina and Mielikki got caught in a downpour about 5 minutes from the car. It was raining and blowing so hard that it was coming down sideways. We got soaked to the skin, but had a blast in the process.
Tree roots
Mr Snapper - or maybe Mrs?

While on the hike we came across a lady taking a picture of a large snapping turtle and she commented that two guys had come by and one had picked it up. Katrina and Nancy knew immediately it was Steve.

One afternoon while sweeping of their patio Katrina got to play as well. We found a little toad napping under a shovel. 

We checked out the Blue Ocean Church in Ann Arbor, one Sunday. It was great to see old friends and to see what they are accomplishing in their new digs. The next Sunday we visited the Ann Arbor Vineyard, it still feels like home.

Of course there was more eating, drinking and shopping through-out the week. We hit up some of our favorite stores, The Rust Bucket in Ferndale, is an artisans market and if you are looking for something different or off beat this is the place to go. While in the area we always go to the Twisted Shamrock in Berkley for all things Irish. We sipped on cider slushies (hard cider of course) at the Northville Winery. Had lunch one day at Griffin Claw in Birmingham and dinner one night at Craft Brew City in Farmington Hills. It is so handy that Katrina and Steve are such foodies and know all the good places to eat and drink.

A highlight of our stay was attending our great-niece Sophia's graduation. She has grown to be such a wonderful young lady. She graduated from Dexter High School with honors and in the top 10 graduates. Good luck next year at Calvin.

So until we meet again...

Happy Trails to you!

Tips and things we have learned along the way
~ when you go to Camping World to buy parts take good pictures of what you want to replace so it makes it easier to get the right replacement part. This could save you a trip or two.
~ when you run your generator for an afternoon to do some cleaning - run the vehicle when you are done to charge the battery back up, other wise the next morning the generator won't start and you will be cleaning in a dark and very hot space. 
~ just because it has been warm for days don't take your long pants and jackets back to the RV without checking the weather - or you will be very cold while driving to the RV to change into warmer clothes before church. 

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