Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Alabama - 2nd and final stop


March 15, 2016 was moving day, these short stays are catching up with us. The drive in was only a few hours and uneventful, just the way we like it. We stayed at the Auburn RV Park & Leisure Time Campground. It is right off of the highway but there was no road noise. The park is next to the city ball field and has two levels, the upper that overlooks the fields and the lower that is next to the river. We were in the lower section and right on the river, this is by far our favorite spot. We actually sat outside and enjoyed the view this time. 

There are open fields and lots of places to walk the dog, which allowed us to enjoy some spring flowers and butterfly's. 
This was the first place in months that we were able to wash the outside of the RV at our site, so we took advantage of that and Les scrubbed it from top to bottom on the outside, while Nancy cleaned top to bottom on the inside. We had pollen everywhere! 

When we weren't cleaning we did do a little sightseeing. 
At the time Hwy 80 was just a two-lane road
We headed to Montgomery and then followed the Selma to Montgomery Trail into Selma

In Montgomery we went to the Capital Building, where the march to Selma ended, and drove past the Dexter Ave. Baptist Church. 

The Dexter Ave Baptist Church. 
Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr 
was pastor from 1954 - 1960.

We stopped at the Lowndes Interpretive Center on Hwy 80, in Hayneville. It chronicles the history of the Civil Rights Movement with lots of pictures, statues and videos. It is sad to think we have come so far in 51 years and yet in some ways not any distance at all. 

The center is built on the grounds of one of the tent city's that were made to house black sharecroppers. They were evicted from there homes on white-owned land, when they registered to vote. The living conditions were rough, and many camps became shooting galleries, with nightly drive by shootings. A number of families lived in the tent city's for over two years. Alabama was not the only state to need tent city's, the problem existed in many other southern states. 

The grounds are lined with information boards depicting the struggle not only of the walk, but their lives after earning the right to vote. 

In Selma we went by Brown Chapel, were the march started.

Then to the Edmond Pettus Bridge. The site of Bloody Sunday. 
We were humbled to be standing in this place of history. A place were lives were lost in the pursuit of dignity and equal rights. Something that so many take for granted and yet so many still struggle with today.  

Across the bridge is a small memorial park paying tribute to those who marched and those who lost their lives that day. 

A mural is painted on the side of the building next to the park. Viola Gregg Liuzzo was from Detroit. 

We were so glad we took this historic trip. 

Our next stop is the final one of our first year. Forsyth, GA

Till we meet again....

Happy Trails to You!

Tips and things we have learned along the way. 
~ Keeping your cool.
Or your warmth for that matter. We have two ceiling vent fans, one in the kitchen area and one in the bathroom. They are great for keeping the air circulated and for pulling out the hot air while we are cooking. 
The downside to them is that on a hot sunny day they can heat up the RV, and on a cold day, warm air can be lost through them. 

The solution is cushions that fit snugly up in the opening. This keeps hot out and warm in. It also cuts down on light coming in when you want it a little darker in the room. 

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  1. For a smaller 'house,' it sure can take a lot to clean! LOL Glad you were able to fit in some fascinating sight-seeing too :) You've been nominated for an award! http://www.sweetlybsquared.com/2016/04/the-liebster-award.html