Monday, August 22, 2016

Four stops....

Elkhart, IN

On August 4, 2016 we headed to Elkhart, IN for a one night stop.
We stayed at the Elkhart Campground which is just off of I-80 but there was very little road noise. This is a large campground with over 100 sites, most are well kept.
The sites are very narrow, when we opened our living room slide we almost hit our neighbors picnic table. There is a very large fenced dog park, a pool, playground, mini-golf and other activities. We paid $41.41 with our Good Sam discount.

On August 5, 2016 we headed into Michigan. Nancy's nephew Mike and his wife Jennifer once again let us store our RV in their backyard. It is so nice knowing that it is safe and secure when we are not in it. We stayed with Katrina and Steve, which always makes us happy. We were there for eleven nights and kept busy the whole time.
Connie and Nancy
Gail, Nancy, MaryRose
friends since Kindergarten
Katrina and Steve had an Open House to show off their new home, celebrate Nancy and Katrina's birthdays and give everyone a chance to see us. It was so much fun, and a lot of family and friends were able to come. 

Steve's niece Cora celebrated her 4th birthday, another chance to see the Fox and Berry families and friends from our church. 

Cousin Tavi getting a hug from Grandma Chaloux and
reading with Katrina

Cultivate Coffee & Tap House in Ypsilanti

We ate great food, drank good beer and good coffee, played games and became obsessed with Paint by Sticker Books. 
No matter how long we stay it is never enough time together, but it was time to move on. We hate good-byes but are grateful that they mean we had time together. Yes, Nancy cries every time. 

Back on the road again on August 16, 2016. We headed to New Paris, OH for a one night stop. We stayed at the Arrowhead Campground. This is a really nice campground in the middle of farms so it is very quiet and very well kept up. There is a small pond with benches for relaxing, a play ground and a pool. There was no WiFi but our Verizon Jetpack worked great. We paid $30 a night with our Passport America discount.

Before we pulled out of Mike and Jennifer's we had a visit from a beautiful butterfly.

On August 17, 2016 we moved to Scottsburg, IN. We try not to drive more than 3 or 4 hours as it is really tiring and this was a great stopping point before hitting Effingham, IL. Plus, as an added bonus we were only an hour north of Nancy's niece Sherrie. So Sherrie and her husband Eric and daughter Lilly came to see us. We had a great visit, so nice when we can just hang out. We stayed at Yogi Bear Jellystone Park. The campground is very pretty with a small lake. The sites are pretty narrow, with a picnic table and fire pit. There had been a lot of rain so our site was flooded, large puddle as we stepped out our door. Lots of places to walk the dog. We paid $25.68 with our Passport America discount.

Effingham, IL is the next stop, the start of our Route 66 adventure.

Till we meet again...

Happy Trails to You!

Tips and things we have learned along the way.
~ Ants!!!
Yep, we had ants again. When storing your vehicle for any length of time you run the risk of uninvited guests showing up. We have had mice and ants, and while we would take ants over mice any day, we really don't want either one. Spraying the wheels where they touch the ground, and around the doors with an ant spray, is a good idea. Of course there is no guarantee that they won't find a way in but when we remember to do this it seems to work.

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