Monday, June 26, 2017

West Virginia ~ Elkins and Newell

Elkins, WV

On June 5, 2017 we headed to Elkins, WV and the Pegasus Farms Campground.
The drive was a bit twisty and curvy. All of the sharp curves caused things to slide around. In two years of driving our dining chairs have never moved! We did enjoy some beautiful scenery, even though it was raining.
We spent two nights here and never left the RV, well other than to walk around the beautiful grounds. After a whirlwind 16-days since leaving Asheville we needed a day of rest. This was the perfect place for it.

Driving down the narrow gravel road to get to the campground you hope you don't meet someone coming the other way! You are greeted by cows on both sides of the road as you drive through a farm, and not the one we stayed at. The campground sits on 20-acres and the site is used for music festivals with 1000's of people in attendance. Luckily at this time only three other RV'ers were here. Our site was a long pull through with full hook ups and plenty of space.

There is an old, non-used train track and in one of the fields they have created a grass maze. It is shaped like a flower and Mielikki loved running the petals. The train tracks and old equipment made for great photo opp's.

We enjoyed meeting three of the other campers. They also travel full time. Don and Eileen keep an online journal of their travels. It was fun comparing stories and exchanging ideas. Doc Wolf (Wolfgang W. Ausserbauer) does his travels a little differently. He picks a spot and stays put for up to a year as he is a writer. The link will take you to his books, two that were written by his Schnauzer, Writer. What fun! Mielikki, Writer and Maggie got along famously.

Newell, WV

Another two night stop at the Kennedy Marina and RV Park. The park is right on the Ohio River, so we got to watch barges float past. The majority of the park is full time residents but it is very well kept up. Laundry and bathrooms were clean. There are large open fields for walking the dog and it was very quiet. 

This time we did a little exploring. We crossed the river into East Liverpool, OH to do a little shopping. The town has some great old buildings and a trade school.
Nancy wanted to stop and check on welding classes but alas there was not enough time. She is really hoping her son-in-law gets really good at it and then teaches her!

Pittsburgh was about a half hour away so we drove through town. As you have probably noticed from previous posts Nancy loves bridges and this one into downtown didn't disappoint her.

There are of course some amazing old buildings and very cool new buildings in town. The PPG Place is quite the sight. It consists of six buildings, the tallest is 40-floors. It covers three city blocks and 5-1/2 acres.
Picture from their website

There are 231-glass spires, the tallest one is 82-feet. The 19,725 pieces of glass made for some great reflection shots.

We both cried when
we saw this!

Nancy always finds quirky things to take pictures of - she loved this mural on the side of a building and the Wiener World was just an extra bonus. The side street was covered in chalk art.

Beaver Falls is where our son-in-law Steve grew up, so we had to go and see the town.

We drove through the town, unfortunately the Beaver Brewing Company was closed. Steve attended and played basketball at two high-schools, Beaver Falls High School and Beaver County Christian School so we did a drive by of both. It was nice to see the place that he has shared stories of.

One of his favorite parks was Raccoon Creek State Park, as we drove through the park we could picture him climbing on all the rocks and balancing on the fallen trees.

The Homer Laughlin China Company which makes Fiestaware  was just down the road from our campground. They have a large retail store and a wonderful scratch and dent room - thank you Anne Fox for the heads up on this. We found a set of dinner plates and luncheon plates for only $4 each. Of course we picked all different colors. Up until this point only Mielikki had Fiestaware dishes!

Up next is Warren, OH to visit Nancy's sister and then Michigan!

Till we meet again...

Happy Trails to You.

Tips and Things we have learned along the way.
~ Put that ladder to use.
The ladder attached to the RV doesn't get much use, we only climb on it when a roof repair needs to be made (luckily that has only happened once) and when Les goes up to clean the roof - which only happens occasionally. So it makes the perfect place to store our 8-foot ladder, lounge chairs and rockers. Much easier than putting them in the backseat of the car or inside the RV on moving day. A rack and sturdy tie downs hold them in place. You do want to make sure you don't block the tail-light.

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