Thursday, December 21, 2017

Heading to Florida - 4 stops

Franklin, KY

On December 4, 2017 we started our trek to Florida. Seeing we were paid through the 10th of December at Add-More Campground we didn't need to worry about checkout time, and the drive to Franklin was only about 2 hours, plus gaining an hour on the trip, we didn't need to rush to get on the road. Or, so we thought.
We left around 2:30 anticipating arriving around 4:00. Well, we did not take into consideration that we would have more tire problems.
A fellow driver pulled up along side of us and honked his horn and pointed to the back of our RV. Les pulled off on the shoulder and yep, the spare we put on in Arkansas shredded while we drove south on I-65.
It ripped the fender right off of the tow-dolly. After taking the car off the dolly, and while Les researched tire places on his phone, Nancy drove back a few exits and then searched for the fender while heading back to the RV. She did find it looking very sad on the side of the road.
Les found a tire dealer about 15 miles away that had two tires in stock. So off he went to get them. He put both new tires on the dolly and the old drivers side tire is now our spare. We are once again so very lucky and grateful, as so much more damage could have been done.

We arrived at Dad's Bluegrass Campground around 6:00, which of course at this time of year it is already dark. The camp managers were so great about us coming after dark. They lived in Asheville, NC and the surrounding area for many years, so we had a great conversation about "home". The park is well maintained, the sites are long and average width. The campground has a large music venue and holds concerts regularly. We spent just one night so didn't use laundry, there is no WiFi but our Verizon signal was strong. We paid $19.50 a night with our Passport America discount.

Elkmont, AL

On December 5th we had a rainy but much smoother trip to Elkmont, which is just across the Tennessee boarder. We are so glad it wasn't raining yesterday when we had the issue with the tire!
We did get another chuckle from the electronic sign just outside of Nashville, TN.

Mill Creek Park is pretty much in the middle of nowhere. It is an older park, but fairly well maintained. The owners are super sweet. The sites are long and average width.
There was plenty of place to walk the dog and Mill Creek runs along the edge of the park. WiFi was good, Verizon signal was okay. We paid $16.00 a night with our Passport America discount.

There is an old rail car on the entrance road into the park.

Cropwell, Al

December 6th we made our way to Cropwell, which is east of Birmingham, AL. Lakeside Landing Marina and RV Park is where we stayed. This is our second time here. Back in early March we spent a week here and explored all of the area, that blog post is filled with pictures. This stay was much quieter, Nancy was nursing a cold, plus it was very cold out. The park is well maintained and right on the lake. Site #4 was just long enough for the RV, tow-dolly and parking the car. We paid $29.70 a night with our Good Sam discount.
L: first day here no snow ~~ R: third day here - snow starting
Three inches of snow fell, which is really unheard of around here. We had no desire to find out what the people here drive like in the snow! On our morning walk, Mielikki played in the snow while Nancy took pictures - this was just the start of it. There were a number of fishermen out in this mess. One was coming in while Nancy was out and she asked if they caught anything and his response was "just a cold".
What a difference a day can make
We caught up on some projects while here. Our house on wheels is much like a regular house - there is always something to do! Nancy made some ornaments for the new tree that Les bought her. The tree still needs lights but it is looking a little bit more like Christmas around here.
Just need some lights

Troy, Al

December 13th was moving day. We did a short drive to Troy, AL as our last stop before Florida. Deer Run RV Park is where we stayed. What a nice park, we are kind of sorry we only booked one night. The sites are all concrete and level and long enough for the RV and tow-dolly. They are a little wider than normal and angled so you are not looking right into your neighbors windows. You will have to take our word for all of this because Nancy forgot to get a picture of the site. Wifi was good, Verizon signal was strong. We paid $27.62 a night with our Good Sam Discount.
On the only morning they had, Nancy and Mielikki enjoyed exploring the campground. There is a large open field with two lakes in it. One they stock for fish and release. There is also a wooded area where we found another small pond and some abandoned trucks.
Next up we explore Florida.

Till we meet again....

Happy Trails to You!

Tips and things we have learned along the way.
~ We have said many times that having a house on wheels is like having a regular house in that there is always something to clean, fix, or upgrade.
Well, the other similarity is that there is always a new tool or gadget that you just have to have. We celebrated Christmas while in Michigan for Thanksgiving and Les received some new "toys".
As we travel across the country we have come across a variety of water. Some really good and some really bad. With this new gadget we will be able to test the water supply. Our tip from November 2015  gives more information on filtering your water.

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